Championship Manager 4 Real-Time Ediitng Guide
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The Basics you need to know

Ok. Here we go.

Certain ways you will want to search for:

  • the Exact Value - e.g. for your cash value
  • Sequence of Values - for when you are looking for the player's stats.
  • Range of Values - if you don't know the exact number you want
  • Unknown Value - if you don't know your number at all
  • Coded Value - if you don't know your number at all

Now, let's say you have chosen which search method you want. You will then do the search. I'll go with Balance first. If you have a large number of choices returned, you have two options. You can try editing the results you have - one by one - or you can play the game a bit more. Then when you've played the game a bit more you can seive the results. What this entails is you then enter the NEW value of your balance. The program will then search thru the results you already got back, and only the ones that match the new number AND the old number then get shown. And this should hopefully be less than the original amount. Then you can edit them one by one.

You should be able to choose the one you want, and can re-name it as shown when you have it on the right hand side. As you can see I already have.

The Editor function with Artmoney will be invaluable. This will allow you to see the different data positions, as most of these are going to match other patterns. These pages will show you examples of the patterns which you should be able to copy.

The Date
This is a really tricky side of the data. It's not in a format you would be able to count in your head.
It is calculated in days and years. The year format is always exactly as it appears. The day of the year is calculated by the number of days into the year. Leap years also make a difference.

The date 1st January would actually translate to: 00 00 and then the year.
The date 13.03.1978 would actually translate to: 71 00 BA 07

Luckily, there is a calculator available on the web. You can find it here.

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